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From understanding eligibility criteria to accessing support services, explore this section to find answers to your questions about our offerings and how they can benefit you.

What is the CalAIM Program About?

The Department of Health Care Services (D.H.C.S.) has developed a program called California Advancing and Innovating Medi-Cal (CalAIM). This program leverages Medicaid/Medi-Cal providers to help address many of the complex challenges facing California’s most vulnerable residents and population at risk of homelessness. CalAIM allows the state to improve population’s health and take a person-centered approach to providing services and puts the focus on improving outcomes for all Californians. CalAIM services include, but not limited to: housing support and navigation, housing financial assistance, coordination of health and health-related services, comprehensive care management (clinical and non-clinical needs), meal delivery services for those with dietary restrictions, doula services and more…
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The goal of CalAIM is to improve outcomes for all people residing in California and that are covered by Medi-Cal. Especially those with the most complex needs, such as individuals experiencing the following: economic hardship, homelessness or risk of, unfavorable housing conditions (living in home of another, overcrowding, etc.), complex health care needs (physical, mental, substance abuse, and more), in need of medical guidance and support, members preparing to give birth can benefit from ECM services (guidance and support of a doula), and more. Our team is always here to help to review your individual eligibility. Don’t hesitate to contact us!
Financial assistance covers costs associated with moving into new housing with a contract agreement, including but not limited to: security deposit, first month’s rent, utilities, one-time cleaning, cost of any equipment necessary for member’s health and well-being, and more.
Housing financial assistance is a benefit designated for the members. The funds are delivered in the form of a physical bank check. However, they are issued directly to the landlord or apartment manager to cover eligible move-in costs on behalf of the member.
The benefit amount varies case by case, depending on each member’s individual situation. All costs must have supporting documentation to be covered.
Once your eligibility is confirmed, we conduct an in-person meeting at our office location, where we gather vital information and help you to fill out the necessary paperwork. Then, your application is submitted to your Medi-Cal carrier for review. Once accepted into the program, our team will begin providing all necessary services as determined from your application and assessment in coordination with your Medi-Cal provider.
Documents needed to apply for the program are proof of identity containing your photograph, full name and date of birth (I.D., driver’s license or a passport) and proof of your Medi-Cal provider and active coverage. S.S.N. or any other personal documentation is not required to apply for the program.
Once your initial application is submitted, the Medi-Cal provider’s review process usually takes up to a week. However, this is not a promise or a guarantee, as processing time may vary case by case, as each member’s situation is unique and may require additional information.
Zero. The member is not responsible for any costs. All services are provided and covered by member’s Medi-Cal health coverage provider.
CalWorks and CalFresh won’t be impacted by this benefit. Services provided through C.S./E.C.M. rarely overlap with any other benefits. Our team conducts any and all necessary research for each member to avoid jeopardizing any services or benefits they currently receive. However, you should disclose to My Insurance Services Inc. specialist if you are receiving any other programs to ensure they do not overlap or affect one another.
No. Financial assistance provided through the CalAIM Community Supports Housing Deposits program does not require a return of any funds paid on your behalf.
No. For submission of your application for the CalAIM program to your Medi-Cal provider, all related paperwork and forms must include your wet signature (signed by pen). Therefore, a physical appointment must be scheduled at our office location. *If your physical presence at our office is not possible, reach out to our office staff for additional information and to explore alternative options.
My Insurance Services Inc. is not authorized to serve as a guarantor in obtaining housing or securing a leasing contract. Our value is in our team going above and beyond to assist and guide our members throughout the entire process. From application to providing services. When it comes to communication, information and resources – we are here for you.
There is no requirement to speak fluent English to apply for the program. You can apply. If you are experiencing a language barrier on English, My Insurance Services Inc. staff currently includes fluent speakers of Russian and Ukrainian languages. My Insurance Services Inc. is working on expanding its team to include native speakers of other languages depending on local demographics and demand. We are proud to increase our outreach to members from a diverse group of nationalities within our community!
In all housing questions – yes, translation can be provided by our housing navigation team. They are here to help with communication. Our specialists advocate for our members and help to eliminate the language barrier. For medical purposes, Medi-Cal provides interpreters during your appointments. We will provide you with instructions on how to request an interpreter for medical appointments.
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